Episode 85 – Come on Tyler, really?

This week on the show, we speak about mental health and Naomi Osaka and are they two different things; the hiring of people in both college and pro basketball, and does/did the movie series “Why did I get Married” hurt the black community? Come join us for this rousing discussion that you are not going to believe…

Episode 84 – Family Matters


This week E-Money joined us on the show to verify MoeB’s story about the kid running into the tree that he spoke of a month ago. But, we also had time to talk about a hospital requiring their employees to receive the Covid vaccine and other fun items. There is even a special appearance from someone special in this episode.

Episode 83 – How much is that house worth to you?

In this episode, houses were the topic of conversation. Someone couldn’t get her house appraised high enough, seeming to be based on her race, and someone couldn’t have their grand wedding at a home that they didn’t own, but was going to do it anyway. In Chicago, the mayor has chosen not to give interviews to everybody anymore, and in the My5, we talked about how we spent our summers 30 years ago to now. It is

Episode 82 – Do you really need all that gas?

On this episode, we talked about the craziness of the East Coast when gas was ‘about to be gone’, our theories of love, hate and a SUV being pushed into a home at 3:30 in the morning all came together and it is Ruben’s time with the My5 ‘Five Questions’. The seat was pretty HOT!

Episode 81 – Sometimes, a rock can determine your future…

This week, AG, MoeB and I talked about someone working, but never getting paid, another shooting and choosing between a rock and your child custody rights. This episode, MoeB is on the 5 question hot seat. EN FUEGO!!!

Episode 80 – The Hot Seat: many visitors to it…


This week, we talked about a naked woman arrested while behind the wheel of a car, Tim Scott again, and the My5 is all about AG in the new My5: My Questions segment.

Episode 79 – The world keeps spinning…


MoeB and I talked about another chapter of the My Pillow saga, was justice really served, and our My5 talks about the experiences in our lives that made us who we are today.

Episode 78 – Fake money from Zamunda…


This week MoeB and I talked about Usher making money with his face on it and paying people with it, what happens when you pick on the wrong person and a neighborhood rises up against you and the My5 things that they used to say, “back in the day”…

Episode 77 – The Clapback!


This week, we had a family clapback to stay out of there business, another politician bring back the Trump rhetoric, they, and what movies changed our lives? The My5 will tell all!

Episode 76 – Die Hard Christmas


This week we talked about the rats who live at a Target, measures in Texas which changes voting in that state, Georgia’s voting issues as well, and simply “hate” changes everything.

Episode 75 – Strolling down MoeB Lane…


This week, kneeling for “The African Way” and kneeling for audibles in football had different results, but similar negative meanings. VA has decided that the death penalty is done and MoeB took over the My5 with his childhood/teenager mistakes. Trust me, it is worth the listen.

Episode 74 – Are you raising your kids off Cardi B?


This week, we talk about why PR departments are necessary at Police Departments, waxing Trump all the time, and is WAP raising your children? If so, we have some information for you. The My5 comes to you this week about songs that changed you and the course of music itself.

Episode 73 – Words can hurt, whether you mean to or not…


This week, we talk about words that can change everything. Whether you want to come back to the cookout, talking that crazy stuff, or just throw out words that you have no idea what they are, but you may thought that it was cool (It wasn’t at all). Then we talk about the one word that people just seem to have a different opinion on. The My5 simply talks about comments from socially tone deaf/racist people. Could be interesting…

Episode 72 – 3 out of 4 (years) is pretty bad…please help.


This week, we spoke about the purpose of political grandstanding, a teen who passed 3 classes in school in four years, and in our My5, learn about us through the music that interprets us the best. 

Episode 71 – Covid-19, Cancun and your boy Rafael Edward Cruz


This week, Ruben drops knowledge about his fight with Covid, Ted Cruz (’nuff said), and in today’s My5, we talked about what we miss about grade school.